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Beijing art expo city, china

Masterplan : Concept

CLIENT : Sky Ocean, China
LOCATION : Beijing, China
TYPE : Mixed-Use
SIZE : 6,739,285 sq.ft / 626,100 m2

Art Expo City is an exciting new breed of development aimed at promoting Beijing’s burgeoning arts scene. Located in a former agricultural town outside of Beijing, it has long been an artist’s colony and home to the largest arts festival in the region.

The project comprises of an “art-scape” park, art museum, hotel, trade and conference centers, housing and numerous bars and cafes to complete a vibrant arts destination district. At the very heart is a large park; a canvas for installations, sculptures and water features. This green space will eventually link the main plazas and two anchors and cover an underground street that facilitates the “back of house” functions.

At either end of the park, two bold architectural statements contain the development and interact with each other’s form. The Art Museum and the Art Hotel invoke the symbol of infinity supporting art as an eternal concept. This form also provides the template for the internal circulation route. The Art Hotel, a seemingly conventional structure upon first look then surprises with a twist. A 10-storey contortion of the building’s core begins with the lobby and concludes in a dramatic skybar and gallery space.

Completing the scene is a meandering street with galleries, retail, bars and restaurants lending a metropolitan vibe.

When complete the Art Expo City will be a beacon for artists and art aficionados alike and a thriving economy for Beijing and the region.