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Beijing Futura city - Phase I, China

Masterplan and Architecture : Concept

CLIENT : Sky Ocean, China
LOCATION : Beijing, China
TYPE : Mixed-Use
SIZE : 5,766,052 sq.ft / 532,618 m2

A challenging and vast mixed-used development on the outskirts of Beijing featuring high-density residential, cultural attractions, retail and a sales center, plus a myriad of entertainment and F&B venues for both local and regional visitors.

As a client, Sky Ocean is keen to differentiate their product and brand with better designed environments, and invest greatly in the urban and landscape plan. This willingness to embrace something different allowed us to break away from the standard city grid formation and introduce meandering boulevards leading to a large central parkthat provides an urban living room for the residents and even indoor gardens for those cold winter months. The park will also play host to the Air and Space Museum, currently under construction.

Our biggest challenge lay in creating four distinctive residential districts despite using the same building footprint. By simply “wrapping” each neighborhood in a different texture they become instantly identifiable and offer the residents a unique setting to call home.