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Entertainment Concept

CLIENT : Klai Juba Wald Architects
LOCATION : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
TYPE : Integrated Casino and Entertainment Destination
SIZE : 839,590 sq.ft / 78,000m2

In collaboration with KJW Architects, we were tasked to invent a beacon at the intersection of the Las Vegas Strip and the Linq- a new pedestrian retail street. Rather than resorting to architecture to mark this important corner, we ventured on to create a multi-media sculptural piece on the top of the old O’Shea’s casino building. The goal was to manifest and solidify the frenetic energy of the Strip and pull the guests into the realm of the Linq project.

A complex vortex shaped LED canopy is liquid, dynamic and ever changing. A digital environmental sculpture marks the new epicenter of Las Vegas and celebrates its vibrant energy.