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Kunshan Art & Beer Plaza, china

Architecture and Landscape: Concept

CLIENT : City of Kunshan
LOCATION : Kunshan, China
TYPE : Mixed-Use
SIZE : 548,464 sq.ft / 50,954 m2

A plan for an urban park on a small strip of land next to a river that could play host to an annual beer festival as well as 8,000sm of retail and dining. Eschewing the typical European beer garden aesthetic, we settled upon a permanent “spine” that doubles as a modular shading structure. During the festival it provides the main circulation area between temporary structures; for the remaining months of the year it is a multi-functional picnic and leisure area.

To accommodate the retail and dining areas we designed three pavilions at strategic points to maximize footfall and as the project was based on beer, it did allow us to introduce a little levity into their design. Light transparent buildings, often using colored glass and white “foamy” roofs reinforce the sense of fun, as do the bubble references in perforated metals and pipework.

The project required us to think in less static ways, integrating moveable components such as furniture and planters to easily change the scheme’s identity. Along the riverfront we introduced tiered wooden decks and different landscape materials to present a cohesive façade.