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Chengdu Intangible Cultural Museum, china

Architecture : Concept and Schematic

CLIENT : Zxihin Corporation, China
LOCATION : Chengdu, China
TYPE : Art Museum
SIZE : 1,600,473 sq.ft / 148,689 m2

Our remit for this project did not include the interior exhibition space, so we decided to use a very flexible, simple plan; wide spans, high ceilings and dramatic vertical circulation. This would allow the space to be easily adapted to accommodate a wide range of art, performance and artifacts.

Externally, the building is a bold shell of fragmented facades formed in copper and glass. The use of copper as cladding is homage to the strong tradition of using copper in arts and crafts throughout Sichuan Province. It surrounds and provides a backdrop for the VIP observation tower and we reinforce the visual connections by using adaptations of the tower structure within the entrance canopies and supporting masts. From here we extrude a curved metallic canopy to celebrate the art within and beyond.