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Skoda Museum, prague

Architecture and Interiors : Concept

CLIENT : Thinkwell Design Group
LOCATION : Prague, Czech Republic
TYPE : Exhibition Space
SIZE : 155,000 sq.ft / 14,500 m2

In collaboration with Thinkwell Design Group, Hetzel Design was tasked with the transformation of an old church in the center of Prague into a museum wholly dedicated to the Skoda motorcar.

We were able to have a little fun with the project, including using parts of the cars in the design. Visitors are whisked to the top of the building via the “Skodavator”, a sculptural elevator where the cars themselves are the elevator cabins. From there, visitors are then led down through the exhibit on a scissor ramp that is lined with multi-media exhibits and information stations.

Outside, a mechanical platform showcases a Skoda car echoing the traditional European square with its feature clock tower.