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Chengdu Intangible Cultural Retail Complex

Architecture and interiors : Concept

CLIENT : Zxihin Corporation
LOCATION : Chengdu, China
TYPE : Retail mall
SIZE : 1,600,473 sq.ft / 148,689 m2

Whilst wanting to maintain certain common elements of the overall project design, we were keen to inject a little individuality for each of the retail components. Taking into account varied branding and shop-fit guidelines, our solution was a grand canopy that provided a homogenous, contiguous appeal. We then clad the retail pavilions in varied, bold geometric silhouettes.

Internally, the plan follows the conventional route of interior streets linking to small plazas. However, at each plaza we have created a unique “artscape” by combing traditional architectural elements with hi-tech projection screens, video mapping and interactive kinetic installations.