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Futura City exhibit space, Beijing

Architecture: Concept

CLIENT : Sky Ocean
LOCATION : Beijing, China
TYPE : Mixed-Use
SIZE : 261,842sq.ft / 24,326 m2

The newly completed sales center is the showcase for the Futura City development and first port of call for potential buyers and tenants. Where once a pre-fabricated box would suffice the sales center is now a building worthy of its own signature design.

We started with a ā€œUā€ shape volume and twisted its geometry to interact with the nearby Air and Space Museum and allow a panoramic view of the site from the gallery. This also provided surfaces that can be used for audio-visual displays and to show highlights of the scheme and progress with construction. In addition we added several garden pavilions completing the figure-eight circulation path that connected indoor and outdoor elements.

The building is clad in a diamond pattern metal paneling that is both practical against the elements, and encouraged us to be playful with details such as the windows. The final arrangement of seemingly random perforations echoes the diamond pattern, provides natural light to the interior spaces and enhances the exterior aesthetic, particularly at night.